Montjuic – The magical fountains of Barcelona
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Montjuic – The magical fountains of Barcelona
Montjuic - The magical fountains of Barcelona are an important tourist attraction for the holiday in Barcelona

Montjuic is a hill in Barcelona that must be visited if you are on vacation in Barcelona. Barcelona surpasses almost any city in Europe in terms of parks. Parc Guell, Ciutadella and Montjuic are just a few of them. Montjuic Park is on top of a small mountain on the outskirts of the city. Barcelona is surrounded by mountains and hills, some quite far away, but it rises right on the edge of the old part of town.

Palau Nacional in Montjuic and the Magic Fountains Palau Nacional din Montjuic and the Magic Fountains

The unique positioning of Montjuic Park ensures a very beautiful view of the city. The best way to get to Montjuic Park is by subway. In the park you can admire the gardens, a castle, the Olympic village of the 1992 Olympics and many more. You can also use the funicular to reach Montjuic, which you can take right from Barceloneta beach. For about 20 euros you can visit all the museums in Montjuic, you can rent a bicycle or swim in the Olympic pool. Also in this price is the use of funicular and train for tourists.

Palau Nacional, a historic building that is not so old, was also built in 1929. The palace was transformed into the National Museum of Catalan Art.

In front of the National Palace is the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. This wonderful show of water, music and lights took place for the first time in 1929 on the occasion of the Great Universal Exhibition. When the one who designed the whole ensemble submitted his project, a year before the exhibition, everyone thought it was a plan far too ambitious to be realized and finished on time. More than 3,000 workers were mobilized to carry out the project in less than a year.

When you put together colors, movement, light, music and water everything becomes a magic show. The magical fountain in Montjuic is a tourist attraction that cannot be missed during any holiday in Barcelona.

Palau Nacional - National Museum of Catalan Art Palau Nacional - National Museum of Catalan Art

Between October and April: on Friday and Saturday, musical performances take place from: 19:00, 19:30, 20:00 and 20:30
Between May and September: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, musical performances take place from 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00, 23:30.

Access is free but almost always quite a lot of people gather in the surrounding terraces so if you want to catch a place you should go ahead of time.

Placa Espanya, Barcelona, Spain.

Metro: Placa Espanya station (L3, L1).

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