La Rambla in Barcelona
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La Rambla in Barcelona
La Rambla is the most popular street in Barcelona both among tourists and locals.

The old part of Barcelona is certainly one of the most beautiful and romantic in all of Europe. The narrow streets, the shops, the air itself invite you to walk around to know every particle of this area.

La Rambla in Barcelona La Rambla of Barcelona

La Rambla is probably the most famous area of Barcelona and rightly so. La Rambla stretches from Placa de Catalunya to the statue of Columbus, and is full of newsstands, animal and flower stands and all kinds of artists. It is undoubtedly the place where all kinds of people, tourists and locals meet, in an extravagant and colorful diversity.

Street artist on La Rambla in Barcelona Street artist on La Rambla in Barcelona

A special interest is represented by attractions such as the Santa Monica Art Center, Liceu (Opera), Mosaic Miro or Mercat de la Boqueria. The best way to discover the charm of the area is, however, a simple walk on La Rambla and the streets around it.

Although a little more expensive the terraces on La Rambla have a special charm and are worth trying. Because it is a fairly crowded area when you visit La Rambla you should be careful of pocket thieves who are always present in the area looking for careless tourists.

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