Barcelona Map and Barcelona Metro Map
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Barcelona Map and Barcelona Metro Map
Barcelona online map plus Barcelona subway map and tourist attractions map

To use the map of Barcelona below use the tool button of the mouse for zoom, or just double-click with the left mouse button to approach an area and double-click right for a more overview of the area. . Each lens is marked on the map, and you can see more details about that lens if you visit the page dedicated to it. Barcelona is a well organized city and you will be able to easily navigate between tourist attractions if you have an idea about the location of each of the places you want to visit.

Barcelona has a very efficient transport system. The main means of transport are the metro, buses, FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya - trains that connect the areas adjacent to the city and have as starting points two important Plaça de Catalunya and Plaça de Espanya stations) and taxis. TMB (Transports Metrolpolitans de Barcelona) deals with all these means of transport in the city. Taxis can be easily identified due to their color black and yellow, they are found everywhere and are not very expensive. In general, a trip through the center does not exceed 7 €. All taxis charge additional charges for roads at the airport and for luggage but these are displayed in sight near the rear right passenger window. However, the subway remains the cheapest and best means of transport through the city. Below you can see a map of the Barcelona metro:

Barcelona subway map
Barcelona Metro Map

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