Barri Gotic – Old Town of Barcelona
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Barri Gotic – Old Town of Barcelona
Barri Gotic is the old center of Barcelona, the place where the foundations of the first settlement that developed in the city of today were laid

Barri Gothic in Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter of the city, an area characterized by old and tall buildings, crossed by narrow and historic streets. Picasso lived and worked in Barri Gothic and also Juan Miro was born and lived here in his youth.

Barri Gothic is located on the right side of the famous La Rambla as you look at Placa de Catalunya. Barri Gothic is considered the center of the old part of Barcelona and except for changes brought in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, most buildings date back to medieval times. There have been some buildings since the Romanians ruled Barcelona. Remains of the Romanian wall can still be seen in Barri Gothic. El Call, the medieval Jewish quarter is also located in this area.

Barri Gotic Street, Barcelona Barri Gothic Street, Barcelona

Barri Gothic is practically a maze of streets that converge in squares. A large part of the Gothic Quarter is closed to traffic except for vehicles dealing with supplies and taxis. In Barri Gothic there are a number of buildings worth seeing such as the Basilica La Merce and the City Hall of Barcelona (Casa de la Ciutat).

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