Arenas de Barcelona – Corida of yesteryear
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Arenas de Barcelona – Corida of yesteryear
Arenas de Barcelona is a former bullfight in Barcelona, a true historical monument in Placa d'Espanya, today a shopping complex. Visiting details

Arenas de Barcelona is a former arena where bullfights are organized, transformed into a commercial complex located right near Placa d'Espanya. From the roof accessible to the general public you can admire a beautiful panorama over the city.

The arenas (Arenes in Catalan) were built between 1889 and 1900 being initially Placa de Toros de les Arenes, corida in Barcelona. The building was designed by Catalan architect August Font i Carreras in Moorish style and has a monumental horseshoe-shaped entrance decorated with pieces of colored tiles.

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Arena, which has a diameter of 52 meters, has a capacity of up to sixteen thousand spectators. In addition to bullfighting, the arena also functioned as a host for a series of important concerts for the Catalan city; famous names include the British Beatles who held a concert here in 1966.

Bullfighting has never been very successful in Catalonia and the last bullfight took place here on June 9, 1977. After that, Plaza de Toros Monumental remained the only arena for bullfighting in Barcelona. But even that arena closed in early 2012, when a ban on bullfighting came into force in Catalonia.

For decades, nothing has happened in the Arenas de Barcelona, the building remaining completely empty. This was the case until 1999, when a series of plans were launched to turn the arena into a modern shopping and entertainment center. The architectural firm Richard Rogers was selected to design a complex according to the highest standards, while ensuring the preservation of the historical structure of red brick which has a special charm.

The new Arenas de Barcelona complex opened in March 2011. The original facade is mostly intact and surrounds a modern complex, with a dome under which there are restaurants, shops, cinemas and a museum of rock music, all spread over six floors.

The roof terrace, which is accessible, either through a series of escalators or through an elevator attached to the outside of the building, offers superb panoramic views of the surrounding area. From here you can best admire, in all its splendor, Placa d'Espanya but also Palau Nacional, both important tourist attractions of Barcelona.

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Metro: Espanya (L1, L3).

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